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“Amy Adler’s ‘Hotel’ Explores Viewers’ Projected Desires” (Into, Trish Bendix, May 9, 2018)
“Paper Movies” (Art Journal, Liz Kotz, Winter 2015)
“Amy Adler: at Acme” (Art In America, Michael Duncan, March 2015)
“Amy Adler at play with forms at once concrete and abstract” (The Los Angeles Times, , November 2014)
“The Work of Amy Adler” (Juxtapose, December 2014)
“A Roving Locus: A Conversation with Amy Adler”  (Huffington Post, Virginia Broersma, November 2014)
“Runaway” (℅ -Gerhardsen Gerner, Berlin 2010)
“Amy Adler: at Acme” (Art In America, Michael Duncan, March 2008)
Aspen Art Museum (Amy Adler: Make Believe, Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson, 2007)
“Phantom Instrument” (℅ – Atle Gerhardsen, Berlin 2007)
Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (Rachel Teagle. “Cerca Series: Amy Adler”, 2006)
Adults intrude into make-believe (The Los Angeles Times, David Pagel, September 2005)
Twin Palms Publishers (Cay Sophie Rabinowitz, Amy Adler Young Photographer, 2005)
Photos of Drawings of Photos:DiCaprio Twice Removed (The Los Angeles Times, Christopher Knight, February 2002)
UCLA Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA (Claudine Ise, “Amy Adler Photographs Leonardo Di Caprio”, 2002)
Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston (Paola Morsiani, “Relative Positions: Amy Adler, Liza May Post, Francesca Woodman, 2001)
Art in Review: Amy Adler (The New York Times, Roberta Smith, May 2000)
Amy Adler curates Joni Mitchell (Artext, Malik Gaines, May 2000)
A Thousand Words: Amy Adler (Artforum, M.G. Lord, April 1999)
Amy Adler: Surrogates (Artext, Liz Kotz, May-July 1998)
Reflecting on Life’s Darker Side: Amy Adler (The Los Angeles Times, Christopher Knight, December 1998)
Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA (Connie Butler, ” Amy Adler”, 1998)
Amy Adler (Time Out New York, Linda Yablonsky, September 1997)
Amy Adler (Artforum, Ingrid Schaffner, November 1996)
Enter Youth, With Subtlety (The New York Times, Roberta Smith, May 1996)